About Las Cienegas Projects

Las Cienegas Projects is an artist-run curatorial project and gallery space focusing on large-scale, collaborative and project-based artworks by emerging and established artists both local and international.

In addition to exhibitions, Las Cienegas Projects will make limited edition artist’s books and feature both etching and bookmaking residencies and workshops that will mix established artists with local youth of mixed income levels. Etching workshops will produce limited edition prints that will be available for sale in the gallery’s small bookstore, in addition to a selection of contemporary art books.

Located in a 1940’s bow truss building on South La Cienega Boulevard in an area known more for its car washes and donut shops, the gallery’s immediate neighborhood was previously known as Rancho Las Cienegas, “The Swamps Ranch,” after the Los Angeles River was redirected in the early 19th century and flooded the region, turning it into marshland swamps. A similar phenomenon has happened in the Los Angeles art world during the last several years, as many galleries have replenished and re-contextualized these former swamplands on South La Cienega Boulevard.

Las Cienegas Projects is co-founded and directed by Amy Thoner and Steven Hull.


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