Dewey Ambrosino/Fugitive Insides (Group Exhibition)

April 9 – May 7, 2011
Main Gallery
Sound Stove

Sound immediately transcends the object or implement used to create it. The experience of sound is a function of our nervous system, which we are culturally conditioned to interpret and recognize. The very fact that phenomena like infrasound (subsonic sound below 20Hz) can be ‘felt’ but not heard creates a frustrated perceptual impulse, as we are sometimes roused to anxiety by an experience we can neither interpret nor dismiss as ‘noise’. If anxiety can only be resolved by attaching it to an object or cause, then in the absence of either, we tend to create one that is often either preternatural or supernatural.

Las Cienegas Projects is pleased to present Sound Stove, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Dewey Ambrosino. Sound Stove is a full range cymatic installation that uses Cymatics, the study of sound made visible through vibration in matter, to generate a multifaceted sound-light site. The intention is to show the interpenetrating and interconnected nature of phenomena by prolonging the viewer/listener’s connection with the sound system and its resonant effects on matter, the human body and our aesthetic perception.

The Sound Stove itself is a 1952 O’Keefe & Merritt stove outfitted with two 15” subwoofer speakers in the ovens, four tweeters, and four midrange speakers that have replaced the burners underneath the grilles. In a reflection pool, the Sound Stove sits under theater lights, while on the stove sit varied containers with select contents to be “cooked” by the “beat burners”. As a rotation of content is “played” (compositions, experimental form generator sounds, dB drag racing – test tones or “burps”, and “bass race” competition tracks), each one is accompanied by its corresponding psychedelic-cymatic phenomena, projected onto the gallery wall. The projections create a phenomenology and typology of form that is especially pertinent in shape-building in nature and art. To date, there has been no known full-range cymatic experiment of this scale and parameter.

Dewey Ambrosino (b. 1967, Chicago) looks at space, sound, and art and design objects, folding one into the other. Ambrosino’s interdisciplinary practice is inspired by sound and its formative powers that can be used to generate visual art. Ambrosino holds a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Illinois, Chicago, a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and an MFA in Art from CalArts, Valencia.

Project Space
Fugitive Insides
100Xbtr, Didier Hess, Tim Durfee, Austin McCormick, and Ben Pruskin

Insides change often: the insides of our bodies, our interior spaces, and our exhibitions. Why is the interior given to such expedited change? Elusive, fleeting and ephemeral, something that flees, a fugitive…

Las Cienegas Projects is pleased to present Fugitive Insides, a group show featuring work by 5 Los Angeles artists, architects and designers whose theoretical practices center around the built environment. Included are installation-based, furniture and mixed media works by 100Xbtr, Didier Hess, Tim Durfee, Austin McCormick, and Ben Pruskin.


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