Matthias Merkel Hess / Annetta Kapon / Assemblage (Group Project)

September 4 – October 2, 2010

Las Cienegas Projects is pleased to present 3 new exhibitions including Matthias Merkel Hess: Devils Tower-LA (Main Gallery), Annetta Kapon: The Measure of Value (Back Room); and Assemblage (Project Space), a group installation organized by Steven Hull including work by Dewey Ambrosino, David Galbraith, Bill Komoski, Stefan Lochmüller and Marilyn Lowey.

Main Gallery
Devils Tower-LA
Devils Tower-LA Posters, 2010. Ink on paper, each poster one Merkel wide by 44 1/2″ tall

Devils Tower, America’s first official National Monument, makes its Los Angeles debut as Las Cienegas Projects presents Devils Tower-LA, a solo exhibition by Matthias Merkel Hess. The exhibition includes a sculpture, posters, and the Devils Tower-LA Trading Post.

Visitors to the show will see a massive, unfired clay sculpture of the Wyoming rock tower, a form of the monument popularized by the character Roy Neary in the 1977 Steven Spielberg film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Also on display will be ink-on-paper posters advertising the show and the Devils Tower-LA Trading Post, a gift shop set up within the exhibition. During the run of the show, the Trading Post will feature a variety of objects and small sculptures for sale, including an unlimited edition of small, glazed ceramic Devils Tower-LA Sculptures, and limited edition ceramic Devils Rocks that evoke the geometric, igneous rock columns of the Devils Tower. The Devils Tower-LA Trading Post accepts cash or check.

Matthias Merkel Hess (b. Iowa, 1978) is a Los Angeles-based artist. His work has been shown in the LA area at Steve Turner Contemporary, the 18th Street Arts Center, as part of the Design Loves Art program at the Pacific Design Center, and at the UCLA New Wight Gallery. He received an MFA from UCLA and a BA from the University of Kansas.

Back Room
The Measure of Value

Workers of the World, 2010. Steel, 24K gold, 122  x 1 ½ x 1 ½ inches (detail)
Annetta Kapon’s installation The Measure of Value incorporates photography, video, sculpture and silkscreen printing. The work aims to provoke thought about value, labor, globalization and internationalism.  Materials used in the installation, including steel, gold, and linen, reference historical, aesthetic, symbolic and relative value, while photography and video call into question the function and value of representation itself.

Setting up a dialogue in the exhibition between “actual” things and pictures or video of things, a number of questions are engaged: How do we measure value and how do we represent it? How does one define “actual” and what is the relationship between actual and represented? One could say that everything is a representation, or, conversely, that representation is impossible. The work considers the nature of such binaries, including the transactions and transformations between production and consumption, between one locality and another.

Born in Athens, Greece, Kapon lives in Los Angeles and has exhibited in the United States and abroad since 1982. Her work has been featured at Side Street Projects, Jewish Museum in Greece, the University of Chicago, LACE, Exit Art, RED CAT, Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, and the Biennale of Sydney among others. She has had solo exhibitions at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Armstrong/Schoenheit, Institut Français and Zefxis in Greece, Carnegie Mellon University, U.C. Riverside, Southern Exposure, and the Numismatic Museum in Athens. Kapon received a BFA from Otis College and MFA from UCLA. She is the recipient of numerous artist residency fellowships, as well as WESTAF, Art Matters, Pollock/Krasner and California Community Foundation grants.

Project Space
Group installation organized by Steven Hull and including work by Dewey Ambrosino, David Galbraith, Bill Komoski, Stefan Lochmüller, and Marilyn Lowey
Artist Steven Hull has asked five other artists who work in various mediums and locations to come together to make a large-scale assemblage in the LCP Project Space. Featuring Dewey Ambrosino, David Galbraith, Bill Komoski, Stefan Lochmüller and Marilyn Lowey, this collaboration glues together the artists’ work to create an assemblage of different forms and mediums, creating a new and exciting whole. The artists’ practices range from painting, sculpture, and drawing to video, animation, sound and light.

Dewey Ambrosino‘s multiplicity of practices reveals an unbiased engagement of the fine and applied arts similar to that in the Bauhaus and Eastern tradition. Ambrosino’s work can concurrently be seen in LCP’s “Reception Barrier” and “Reading Lounge” installations. For Assemblage, Ambrosino has created a light sculpture as a hovering part of the show’s curious aggregation.  Ambrosino lives and works in Los Angeles. 

David Galbraith is a media artist and composer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Galbraith explores the couplings between art, music, technology and the body through his installations, compositions, sound works, and performances featuring custom electronics and video animation software. Galbraith’s work has been presented internationally at P.S.1/MoMA, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, and KW Institute of Contemporary Art (Berlin), among others. Assemblage will include Galbraith’s Double Square (2009), a digital animation transferred to DVD that was created in part by extending a 1968 Philip Glass work for two flutes into an audiovisual score used by custom software to simultaneously generate a grid-based animation and microsonic, multichannel sound.

Bill Komoski‘s work is concerned with a shifty, unsettled experience, about order and disorder, structures that hold only to a point, where one layer or element is eroded or consumed by another–taking pleasure in the tangle of things. A number of motifs have emerged that are employed in various ways. Bits of information are transmitted from a lexicon suggesting cartoony blips, computer graphics and mapping software. Komoski lives in New York. For Assemblage, he will present a large-scale wall painting.

Stefan Lochmüller‘s practice includes abstract painting and figurative drawing. His recent drawings pull from cubism and invoke figurative images of space age monsters. This is his first American exhibition. Lochmüller lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Los Angeles-based artist Marilyn Lowey works with light as a material to create phenomenological pieces where light becomes the form and interacts with the viewers perceptions. Her works use a full range of tools from technologically advanced lights, mirrors, and haze machines to store-bought lamps and hand made light bulbs. Lowey has also worked on large productions as a lighting designer for concerts, touring shows, ballet and Broadway performances.



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