Aaron Wrinkle

July 10-31, 2010

Holte, Michael Ned. Artforum review: Aaron Wrinkle, Las Cienegas Projects. Artforum, October 2010

LCP Special Project
Las Cienegas Projects and Guests

To help mark its first year anniversary and kick off its summer programming, Las Cienegas Projects is pleased to announce Las Cienegas Projects and Guests, a Special Project by Los Angeles artist Aaron Wrinkle.  In both consecutive Special Projects scheduled for July through early August, LCP’s evocative yet highly idiosyncratic building is either acknowledged or utilized in a manner slightly outside of the normal gallery schema.

In Las Cienegas Projects and Guests, Wrinkle conceived of a site-specific project heavily influenced by- and taking place within- the formal dynamics of the building’s historical bow-truss ceiling.  Taking a stance both personal and conceptual,  he re-presents recurring elements used in past works—here, a lifetime’s collection of assorted pop cultural, music, skateboarding, art, film, and tv-related posters, all of which hung at one time or another in his bedroom of childhood/teenage years and more recently in past studios. Bypassing the white gallery walls and working directly up within the roof’s structural framework, he attempts to activate the beautiful-though slightly dilapidated- wooden ceiling form through its hybrid crossing with his collected ephemera, while at the same time utilizing the joists and the roof’s skeleton as a means of production and material placement to further reflect the aesthetics of the gallery space below.  Other personally-charged artifacts also take on the literal architecture, including Wrinkle’s colocation of previously used studio and gallery walls, from his ongoing gallery project Dan Graham, onto LCP’s own project space walls. Planting performances into the project’s opening, he initiates a conversation literally from the ground up, ultimately proposing a language of context and content co-mingling.

Aaron Wrinkle (Aurora, Missouri, 1978) received an MFA from CalArts and BFA in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute.  His paintings, photographs, billboards, and sculptures engage with the politics of art history, frequently incorporating the exhibiting art institution itself. His work questions the sorting and ranking of objects that are exhibited in museums and galleries (Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory, New Museum & Phaidon Press, 2009). Recent projects include his current role as director of the conceptual art space Dan Graham in Chinatown, Los Angeles; Demolition, Construction and Exhibition Space Build Out, Original Dan Graham, Echo Park, Los Angeles, 2008-2010; and Full Restoration of Conceptual Artist Douglas Huebler’s 1977 Volvo, CalArts, 2007-2008.  Curatorial projects include Summer Dudes, 2010; In conversation w/ Dan Graham, Pavilions Documented, 2010; Dan Finsel and Cary Georges, 2009, all at Dan Graham, Los Angeles; and Collection of Diana Zlotnick: Works by Baldessari, Burden and Pettibon, Studio City, CA, 2010.




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