Dante Brebner, Marcos Rosales and Francis Coy / Ismael de Anda / Trinie Dalton

Main Gallery
In the Interim Lies the Darkness

top- Dante Brebner, Elegantly lit, meticulously scarred and otherwise unraveled, 2009.  Mixed media,  8 x 7 x 12 in.   bottom– Marcos Rosales / Francis Coy, In The Interim Lies The Darkness, 2010. Film still.

In the Interim Lies the Darkness is the first collaboration between artists Marcos Rosales and Dante Brebner.  The collaboration first began when Rosales mined his collection of stream-of-consciousness writings to send to Brebner as inspirations.  Brebner in turn created small wondrous dioramas based on the surreal phrases that Rosales had given him, such as “Tender genocide” and “Elegantly lit, meticulously scarred and otherwise unraveled”. Interpreted by Brebner, these text fragments translated into painstakingly executed miniature worlds, at once theatrical, sinister and surreal.

The dioramas were then photographed and the resulting images sent to Rosales who wrote a script including them as the sets for the short film In The Interim Lies The Darkness.  The resulting film is a disjointed tale of a man named Hector Bravo and centers on Bravo’s trip from New York to Los Angeles for a weekend with friends, where an evening at local leather bar “The Interim” turns into a surreal tale of his disappearance and reappearance.  The details of his “lost time”, retold under hypnosis to a mysterious Japanese businessman and his young assistant, all take place within the miniature sets created by Brebner.  To create the film, Rosales teamed up with multi-media artist Francis Coy, whose expertise with cinematography and digital editing gives it a vast cinematic feel, while it was actually shot within the confines of Rosales’s small living room in his Brooklyn apartment. For the exhibition, Las Cienegas Projects will present both the film and an installation of the dioramas.

Dante Brebner has had solo shows at Gallery: Untitled, Dallas, TX, and E.I.E. Alternative Space, Brooklyn, NY, and has been included in numerous group exhibitions including Left Behind and Interior/Exterior, Tichava-Mills Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM; Song Poems, curated by Steven Hull, held at Cohan, Leslie and Brown, NYC, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, TX, and Rosamund Felsen, Santa Monica; and Landscape Memories, Rosamund Felsen, Santa Monica.  Other special projects include costume and set design for dance performance, including Tension Tamer, Moving People Dance Space and Lensic Theater, Santa Fe, NM, and There Is Something Under My Couch, Danspace Project, NYC.  Dante Brebner (Colorado, 1969) holds an MFA from CalArts (1994). The artist lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Marcos Rosales has appeared in group shows at Peres Projects, Los Angeles, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, and numerous other galleries in the US and abroad.  He has had solo shows at Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, Klaus von Nichtssaggend Gallery, New York, and Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco.  He has also staged performances at The Kitchen, NY and Movement Research at Judson Church, New York, and is actively involved in collaborations with contemporary choreographers, including Maria Hassabi and Jeremy Wade.  He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation and the DeGloyer Grant from the Dallas Museum of Art.  Marcos Rosales (Waco, 1967) holds an MFA from CalArts (1995). The artist lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Francis Coy is a multi-media artist working primarily in film and sculptural installations.  He most recently appeared in the exhibition Video Art in the Age of the Internet at The Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY.  His most recent collaborations include creating the soundspace composition for the dance piece Facet by Gabriel Rivera presented at Dixon Place, New York, NY and art direction for the short films A Priori by Achim Neufeld and Housewarming by Yared Zeleke. He also created animation for The Unending Horrible by Matthew Brannon shown at PS1 Contemporary Art Center and South First Gallery, both in New York, NY. Francis Coy (Guatelmala City, 1976) holds a BFA in Sculpture and Video from The Art Institute of Chicago (1998). He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Installation views

Views of select dioramas

Project  Space
Shag Quixote

In the Project Space, Las Cienegas Projects presents Shag Quixote, the newest installation in Ismael de Anda’s series of Mutants. Mining the depths of personal memories from his Mexican-American upbringing as well as rearranging popular myths and stories, this new work reimagines fragments of 1970s domestic décor. The installation features Shag Quixote, a large carpet in the silhouetted shape of the epic fictional character Don Quixote, draping from the wall onto the floor. Viewers are encouraged to touch or walk on the piece, which, according to de Anda, “mixes paradoxes of suburban suffocating warmth” and sensations of “itchy, tickling comfort” and re-establishes the decorative cliché of this popular mythical and idealistic crusader for upward class mobility.

Alongside the piece, a group of marbled mirrors forms an arabesque pattern on the wall in a hybrid of architectural motifs de Anda recalls from his past home in the West Texas desert.  Another mutant, Spirit Stinger, taking the outlined form of a giant scorpion filled in with a graphic of kitchen wallpaper kitsch, is painted directly onto the wall as a direct confrontation of desert-based childhood fears and humorous traumas.  Finally, a grouping of commercial whiskey decanters, originally released as a decorator series with artist-designed labels, are partially re-designed by de Anda as a means of communing with the original artists and exploring the oddity of these bottles as art objects.

De Anda has had solo shows at The Marfa Book Company, Marfa,Texas, Cerritos College Art Museum, Norwalk, CA, Sea and Space Explorations, Eagle Rock, CA, and has participated in various group shows held at Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, CA, Side Street Projects, Pasadena CA, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, Rosamund Felsen, Santa Monica, CA, and Wintergarten, Vienna, Austria. De Anda received an MFA from CalArts in 2000. Ismael de Anda III was born in El Paso, Texas and lives and works in Mount Washington and South Pasadena, California.

Back Room
Zine/Bookmaking Workshop, Slide Talk and Exhibition
Trinie Dalton, 2005.  Pages from the book publication Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is

Las Cienegas Projects is excited to welcome writer, editor and artist Trinie Dalton for a series of events including a slide talk, zine/bookmaking workshop and an exhibition curated by Dalton showcasing its results. The talk will be divided into 3 parts, covering Bruno Munari’s Xerografia project, Copy Art, and the History of Zines. For the workshop, Las Cienegas Projects has invited several Los Angeles-based artists to participate, and has additionally left open several slots to the public.

Dalton is perhaps most recognized for the publication she co-edited, Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is, an assortment of drawing works by 35 visual artists in repsonse to a selection of high school notes passed by students and confiscated by Dalton during her days as a substitute teacher–when she often secretly delighted in reading them or applauded their creativity—and distributed to the artists who then responded in drawing form, incorporating pieces of text and doodles from the original notes. NPR’s Ketzel Levine noted “I am strangely mesmerized by this cross between a high school kid’s notebook and a 21st century pen and ink retrospective”.

Trinie Dalton has authored, curated, and/or co-edited five books: Wide Eyed (Akashic), A Unicorn Is Born (Abrams), Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is (McSweeney’s), Mythtym (Picturebox), and Sweet Tomb (Madras Press). Her art books are often accompanied by visual art and exhibitions surrounding issues of art + text. Dalton makes zines and handmade books, curating shows around them. For her Werewolf Express, she curated part of “Zines Unbound: Werewolves, Kults, and Sarcastic Hippies” at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center.  For Mythtym, she has been presenting lectures on topics such as mirrors in horror and the history of photocopy art. She recently has done slide talk/workshops at the Observatory in Brooklyn and at Deitch Projects as part of the PIG Sunday School curated by Gelatin. A paper based on her slide talk/workshop for Las Cienegas Projects will publish in French in Les Editions Particules, and in English in  X-Tra.


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