MIND ur HEAD: an evening of out sound

Please join us this Saturday night, November 7 at 8:30 p.m. for MIND Ur HEAD, an evening of new music to consist of performances by three ensembles:

Métal Rouge
(helga fassonaki / andrew scott)

Still Life with Bomb
(ted byrnes / ari desano / gregory lenczycki)

(steve kim / ron russell / gabie strong)


Métal Rouge was formed in 2006 by Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott in Auckland, New Zealand with no aim but to open themselves to the spontaneous psych tonalism running through the underbelly of popular music like a vein of pure lightning. Birthed from the rich history of New Zealand underground music they began to mold a sound comprised equally of the forward motion of ecstatic jazz and the drugged stasis of NYC loft minimalism circa ’66. Using electric guitar, vocals and amplified santur as their primary instruments, they forged a new vocabulary of unrefined free spiritual music. Relocating to Los Angeles late 2006, they toured the states, adding lap steel and pedal steel to their arsenal. Related projects include Yek Koo (Helga solo), Nest (Andrew & Nigel Wright), Golden Krone (Andrew & Rohan Evans) and Huzun (Andrew & Tim Coster). Métal Rouge have releases on Root Strata, Not Not Fun, Stunned, and Digitalis.

The simultaneity of both minimalist and maximalist musical practices, the material origins of performance and a developing sense of otherness, contradiction and curiosity define the music of the Los Angeles trio, Still Life with Bomb. By any means necessary, Ted Byrnes (drumset/percussion), Ari Desano (accordion) and Gregory Lenczycki (electronics) conceive and deploy a music that lives between intention and action. Recent performances include the 11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival, mapping sound – SASSAS’ 10th anniversary concert, LACMA’s ArtWalk 2009, New Music Mondays @ Cycleway, and accompanying seminal Fluxus artist Jeff Perkins’ light show in Echo Park.

Ur explores the lower frequencies with three electric basses and processors. Wavering orchestral string tones hover in the space between composition and free improvisation. Their recent performance at LACMA was well received. They have also presented at the most recent High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree, CA as Sand and Sky Rituals with Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott.

Metal Rouge performance from Mind ur Head: an evening of sound

Ur performance


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