Kent and Kevin Young / Dani Tull / Andrew Freeman and Jay Needham

Main Gallery
Kent and Kevin Young
Supreme Court Justice Stevens Claims Shakespeare Was A Fake


–Mistaken identity, false identity, identity theft, fakes, cloning, identical twins–

Los Angeles-based artists Kent and Kevin Young present an extensive, ongoing series of collages and a drawing derived from the mass of information that is concerned, fascinated, and challenged by shifts and distortions of identity (personal, cultural, historical etc). Examining mass media representations regarding identity and the construction of the self, this work becomes a critique of the “individual”. The constant distortion of what is perceived as individual and the inability to segregate one’s own identity from the social context of our existence challenges any notion of individuality thus re-iterating its reliance on a social construction.

Kent and Kevin Young incorporate a variety of media including but not limited to performance, video, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital technologies, writing, and the internet.

Kent and Kevin have exhibited nationally and internationally at such notable venues as: Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco; Silver Shed NYC; The Whitney Museum, NYC; Exit Art NYC; ACME, LA; Rosamund Felsen, LA; California Biennial, Newport CA; PILOT Projekt, Dusseldorf; Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen; and Kunsthalle Lophem, Belgium.

Project Space
Dani Tull
Gawdhead and the Cave Mind


“…Combining a lifetime’s accumulation of formal chops and unquenchable creativity with an unholy hybrid of introspective archival obsessiveness and smart-ass pop-cultural glossolalia, Tull has produced an orgy of interpenetrating bodies of work that are as superficially entertaining as they are emotionally and structurally challenging.”

–Doug Harvey, “A Tull Life. The not-so-lost decade”, L.A. Weekly, April 27, 2006.

In Gawdhead and The Cave Mind, artist, composer and musician Dani Tull presents a selection of recent paintings and sculpture.

Dani Tull has presented his work in a vast number of solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including solo shows in Galerie Haus Schneider Uschi Kolb, Karlsruhe, Germany; Wewerka Galerie, Berlin, Germany; Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Jessica Fredericks Fine Art, New York, NY; Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA; and locally in Angstrom Gallery, Four F Gallery, Acuna-Hansen Gallery, Special K Exhibitions, and Kim Light Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; and Blum & Poe, Santa Monica, CA.

As a musician, Tull has also collaborated, recorded and performed with a multitude of well-regarded musicians including other multidisciplinary artists such as Marnie Weber’s The Spirit Girls and Jim Shaw, with performances in such prestigious locations as The Hammer Museum, Art Basel Miami and an upcoming performance for Artissima, the international contemporary art fair in Turin Italy.

Dani Tull, a California native, studied at Stanford University (MFA, 1990) and the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA,1988). The artist lives and works in Los Angeles.

Back Room
Andrew Freeman and Jay Needham
The Ground Falls Away: expansion


Inaugurating our new Back Room is The Ground Falls Away: expansion, a video and sound installation that looks at the terrestrial movement of conservation and economic expansion displayed in the landscape of Panama’s Canal Zone. Recorded on location in one of the world’s largest construction sites, artists Andrew Freeman and Jay Needham explore the physical and cultural conditions of the canal-zone as the metaphoric hourglass of the Americas. In this initial offering from their ongoing work in the region, the “expansion” project presents a fluid focal point for the artists; the installation points to a commercial and ecological zone where multinational pressures conspire to unearth the inevitable collision between global conditions and the environment. Produced in a partnership with the Panamanian NGO, la Asociación Panamericana para la Conservación, the work examines a newly widened canal that harbors a myriad of consequences in the wake of its prior existence as part of a transnational US military landscape.

Andrew Freeman (1962, Seattle, Washington) is a Los Angeles-based artist. His artwork includes photography, video, installation and writing. He has presented work in the United States, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East. The publication (Manzanr) Architecture Double was published in 2006. His work is included in the permanent collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Jay Needham (1963, Evanston, Illinois) is an artist, radio producer and composer. His sound and visual works address the politics of borders and the aesthetics of acoustic reception. His sound art and radio productions have appeared at museums, festivals and on the airwaves worldwide including the Sydney Opera House and the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art. Recent writings and selections of his sound works appear in Hearing Places, published by Cambridge Scholars Press.


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